Kamesh Krishnamurthy

C.V. Starr Fellow, CPBF Fellow @ Princeton

I am a theorist interested in problems at the intersection of machine learning, neuroscience and biophysics.

Currently, I am a C.V. Starr Fellow and a CPBF Fellow at Princeton University, hosted by the Department of Physics and the Princeton Neuroscience Institute. Prior to this, I spent a semester as a Simons-Berkeley Research Fellow participating in The Brain and Computation program at the Simons Institute for Theory of Computing. I completed my graduate studies at the University of Pennsylvania.

232 Icahn

Princeton Univeristy

Princeton, NJ


Apr 4, 2022 Check out the article by the Princeton Neuroscience Institute on our PRX paper studying gating in RNNs!
Jan 30, 2022 Our paper studying the effects of gating on neural network behaviour is now out in Physical Review X!
Jun 20, 2020 Our paper on dynamics of GRUs/LSTMs will be presented at Mathematical and Scientific Machine Learning 2020
Apr 1, 2020 I am co-organising DeepMath 2020 : a conference on Deep Learning theory. Consider submitting abstracts!
Jan 20, 2020 The videos from our conference on Sensing Chemical Spaces at the Princeton Center for Theoretical Science are now up!